Multicultural dishes

July 23, 2014

My mother is a great chef, and she always makes delicious meals. Growing up, I did not feel to need to learn how to cook. Coming to the USA has forced me to rely on myself. Over the summer, I learned how to make these Thai and Thai-ish dishes from trials and errors and through the internet. My real secret is one round of every thing I found in the kitchen.

 Sugar cane pork wrap

Shrimp cake

Home-made shumai


Pineapple fried rice



 Fried papaya salad

Larb (pork salad) 

Phad Prik Khing 

 Mixed veggies soup

 Steamed mushroom egg

Fried chicken with herbs 

 Kai Pa Low 

 Veggies sauteed

 Yellow curry

 Spinach stuffed chicken

 Seafood udon

 Salmon steak


mango prawn salad 

 Lemon pork salad

 Kanom Krok, Thai dessert

Chicken satay 

Kao Moo Dang 




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